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Judge orders federal prosecutors to release new collection of Capitol surveillance videos from January 6

BuzzFeed is reporting that federal prosecutors on Tuesday released new surveillance video of the Capitol on January 6 despite their objection that the footage could compromise the security of the building.


Prepare yourself:

Zoe Tillman reports:

The disclosure marks a setback for the US Capitol Police and the US attorney’s office in their efforts to control how much footage from the Capitol’s closed-circuit video (CCV) system gets out. In the latest case, prosecutors argued that revealing the location and vantage points of more cameras could help “bad actors” trying to plan some future assault on the building. A judge concluded that argument was too speculative, however, and that the public had a strong interest in seeing videos that formed the basis for a recent plea deal.

The judge is right; the public has a strong interest in seeing all the video.

We’re not supporting rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6, but we’re also tired of hearing about “some future assault on the building,” the fear of which led Capitol Police to put fencing back up around the Capitol for that tiny Justice for J6 rally September 18.




Because … white supremacist militias might use the footage to scope out points of ingress, like when the FBI found that guy with a fully constructed LEGO model of the Capitol in his home.

Well said.


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