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Professor singles out 'average white student' to demonstrate his privilege over an identical black student

There are a lot of definitions of critical race theory floating around, but one of the cornerstones is that America has been based upon white supremacy since its founding, and still is. That’s why you can’t be white and not racist because you’re swimming in privilege in that the system has been set up for your benefit. The first step in being “anti-racist” is acknowledging your privilege, while further down the line “disrupting” whiteness.


That might be something to talk about in a college course, but it’s not cool to single out a white student to demonstrate his privilege over an identical black student. Think about it: Why didn’t the professor have a black student stand up and explain how he’ll never get a job that a similarly qualified white person has applied for?

That professor wishes he made what Robin DiAngelo makes for giving the same lecture. Dude. Bro.

The yawning student is all of us.


Excellent point.




And young black students, don’t buy into this. It will not help you.


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