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Chinese state media reports that 'brutality against indigenous people is embedded in the genes of the Anglo-Saxons'

It’s bad enough that we have American publications taking money from the Chinese Communist Party to print Chinese propaganda, but at least they hide it well. Then there’s Chinese state media, like Xinhua News, that publishes cartoons like this one:


Jonathan Cheng of the Wall Street Journal noted an article published in the Global Times, which is also Chinese state media. In it, the Chinese fret that it’s in the Anglo-Saxon DNA to brutalize indigenous people, and they’re certainly not going to apologize for committing genocide:

Not even peaceful Canada gets off the hook in this piece:

Native people have been subjected to more than 1,500 wars, attacks, and raids authorized by the US government, the most of any country in the world against its indigenous people.

Such brutality against indigenous people is embedded in the genes of the Anglo-Saxons. Also last week, 751 unmarked graves at the site of a former indigenous residential school in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan were found, following the discovery of the remains of 215 indigenous children at a similar residential school in British Columbia weeks ago.

With solid evidence of the Anglo-Saxon’s systematic genocide against indigenous people, the US and Canada idly sit on the land they seized and hypocritically show care for the world’s human rights. They have no intention to sincerely address their own shameful record of genocide.


Did someone say genocide?



How soon until the NEA adds the Global Times next to the 1619 Project in American schools?


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