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New York Attorney General Letitia James posts photos of gun buyback haul, including 20 'assault rifles' and a pellet gun

As long as they’re not mandatory, we have nothing against gun buybacks — they’re a great way of getting rid of old junk and procuring funds to put toward a new firearm. It’s always funny when authorities post pictures of the weapons they’ve taken off the streets. Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh proudly announced her gun buyback had taken a rocket launcher off the streets: “And yet the @NRA thinks somehow rocket launchers are good for Baltimore. Perhaps a name change is in order: The National Rocket Association.” Good one; enjoy prison.


The best one, though, came from the U.K., where a knife sweep of an antique shop yielded a bunch of dangerous cutlery, along with a rusty spoon.

New York Attorney General Letitia James showed off the results of a buyback event in Rochester, saying authorities collected 270 guns, including 20 “assault rifles.” Maybe it’s just us, but we don’t know why she didn’t feature the assault rifles in her photos:

“Pellet Pistol: Unknown Make and Model.”





They’ll use the money from the buyback to upgrade.


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