Baltimore, which, sadly, we usually only write about when it breaks the previous year’s record for gun homicides, is in the news again after the city hosted a number of gun buyback events, including one that netted an unloaded rocket launcher.

WDBJ 7 reports that the city spent $163,000 on its first two buyback events in exchange for 509 handguns, 273 rifles and 245 shotguns. The rocket launcher netted its previous owner $500.

(And if you think that’s a lot of money, consider that the city spent $100,000 to bus Baltimore school kids to the Parkland kids’ March for Our Lives in D.C. this summer.)

Mayor Catherine Pugh is obviously very proud of the progress made so far, but suggests in a tweet that the NRA thinks rocket launchers are good for her city.

The National Rocket Association? That’s comedy gold!

Speaking of the NRA, how many of the more than 300 annual homicides regularly racked up by the city were traced to NRA members?

At least one woman said she was using the buyback money to upgrade her firearm.