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Jonathan Chait says Republicans can't stop President Biden because of his 'strategy of boringness'

Jonathan Chait wrote in New York Magazine this week that Joe Biden’s first 100 days “reshaped America,” and one of the reasons he was able to get around Republican roadblocks is his “strategy of boringness.” A lot of people in the comments are relieved to have a boring president after four years of Donald Trump (and the false allegations that dogged him for years), and many equate “boring” with “competent.”


Chait calls it his “quiet, seismic young presidency” … kind of how CNN’s correspondent is looking forward to Biden’s joint address to Congress on his “moderate radicalism.”

Biden’s advantage is that he’s not just nice; he’s also tedious. He is relentlessly enacting an ambitious domestic agenda — signing legislation that could cut child poverty by more than half, expanding Obamacare, and injecting the economy with a stimulus more than twice the size of what Obama’s Congress passed in 2009 — while arousing hardly any controversy. There’s nothing in Biden’s vanilla-ice-cream bromides for his critics to hook on to. Republicans can’t stop Biden because he is boring them to death.

You could say Biden is arousing hardly any controversy … if you’re lying.


Wasn’t there a border crisis in the news not too long ago? When are reporters going to tag along with Democratic members of Congress as they tour those cages?



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