CNN’s takes are among the hottest around.

This one, in the form of an “analysis” by Stephen Collinson, is no exception:

Lots of good stuff in here, like this:

President Joe Biden’s “radical” idea is that government is not the problem in America but the multi-trillion-dollar solution that can end the pandemic, equalize the economy and make life better for millions of working people.

As he marks his first 100 days in office on Wednesday night with an address to a joint session of Congress, Biden will seize what may be a once-in-a-generation chance amid a deep crisis to change the trajectory of the country.

The President is no firebrand ideologue but he’s aiming at more than conquering Covid-19 and the massive jobs crisis it sparked. He is bringing activism and ambition to bear to tackle inequality in an economy that is working poorly for millions of citizens. And according to a CNN poll released Wednesday, a majority of Americans approve of the way Biden is handling the job and say he has had the right priorities.

Ooo, and this:

As a White, elderly man, Biden is a difficult target for Trump-loving conservatives, who like to portray racially diverse Democrats as a threat to what they see as Anglo-Saxon cultural traditions.

That’s some real sharp analysis there, CNN. Was smart of you guys to go with a headline that reflects that.

It’s what CNN does best.