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'Did you get a heads up, Mr. President?' CNN legal analyst says boarding up of buildings sends a message that acquittal was expected

On Monday, a lot of people called out CNN senior legal analyst (and DOJ alumna!) Laura Coates for her tweet asking us to think about it: Derek Chauvin’s defense opened its closing arguments by defining reasonable doubt for the jury, not explaining why Chauvin was innocent. It seems like standard practice for any defense team, but Coates wanted us all to think about it.


As we were waiting for the verdict to come in, Coates explained on CNN that the boarding up of buildings in Minneapolis and the calling in of the National Guard sent a message: Did the governor get a heads up that Chauvin would be acquitted? Did the judge? The president?


Maybe business owners around the courthouse had different reasons for boarding up before the verdict, whichever way it went.


This is CNN’s senior legal analyst.


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