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CNN's fact-checker 'still looking into some of the claims Biden made' two nights ago at CNN's own town hall

Daniel Dale, CNN’s fact-checker, is “still looking” into some of the claims President Biden made during his town hall appearance on CNN Tuesday night, but he’s found “at least four false statistical claims.” Note that these are statistical claims — guess he’s just not good with numbers — not like his claim that his administration didn’t have the COVID-19 vaccine when he took office (which the “rapid response team” of the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler and CNN’s Dale quickly spun into a truth). “It was a verbal stumble, a typical Biden gaffe,” said Kessler, while Dale said Biden “clearly wasn’t trying to claim the vaccine didn’t exist at all under Trump.” If it were so clear, why did he say it? Oh yes, his childhood stutter.


A follow-up question: If Biden lied at least four times, why didn’t moderator Anderson Cooper call him on any of them? Why do we need to wait two days for a fact-check from the very network hosting him?

About the minimum wage: “The White House told CNN after the event that Biden got mixed up with another statistic about the minimum wage.” So he didn’t lie, he just got mixed up; that’s a relief. Also, the vast majority of illegal immigrants are Hispanic. And Biden’s claim that Trump cut the cap on refugees to 5,000 “is reasonable but takes some explaining. Trump set the refugee admissions cap for the 2021 fiscal year at a record low of 15,000.”



We have a feeling journalists are going to be adding a lot of “context” to things Biden says for as long as he’s in office.



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