As we told you last night, President Joe Biden falsely stated at a town hall in Wisconsin that there was no vaccine when he came into office.

ICYMI, here it is again:

But his “rapid response team” — the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler and CNN’s Daniel Dale — was quick to explain what he *really* meant:

Kessler called it a “verbal stumble” and just a “typical Biden gaffe”

Thankfully, we have expert fact-checkers to make this determination:

You see, “it depends in part on whether he spoke correctly about vaccine availability elsewhere in the interview”:

Let’s face it: There’s just a different standard with the current president:

CNN’s Dale also went this route:

Again, they’re bending over backward to put President Biden in the best light possible:


Exit question: Can either Kessler or Dale explain what the president meant when he said minorities don’t know how to use the internet to make vaccine appointments?