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Sen. Tammy Duckworth gets flamed for expressing profound disappointment in the lack of diversity in President Biden's cabinet

What has President Biden done for Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders lately? Well, he didn’t exactly ban the use of the phrase “China virus,” but he did sign an executive order making sure that all government communications were cleansed of any reference to the China virus or the Wuhan virus — names which led to “a racist backlash” against the AAPI community and inspired people like Speaker Nancy Pelosi to encourage everyone to crowd into Chinatown to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


(Note that it’s the South China Morning Post calling the descriptions “inflammatory and xenophobic.”)

Biden certain thought he was doing a virtuous thing, but Sen. Tammy Duckworth appeared on the CBS Evening News to express her profound disappointment that Biden didn’t appoint an Asian-American or Pacific Islander as a Cabinet secretary.

The conservative belief that people should be selected for their qualifications and not their identity seems to be rubbing off on Biden fans, who don’t appreciate Duckworth’s observation.


Narrator: It was possible.

You mean you wish the AAPI community would shut up? Sounds xenophobic.


And that’s why Biden promised he would select a woman as his running mate, preferably a woman of color.


We’re here for it. Normally Democrats have cheered Duckworth for her outspokenness.


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