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If you’ve been following Twitchy today, you know that it’s climate change day at the White House and on Capitol Hill. Both President Biden and John Kerry have acknowledged that the transition away from fossil fuels will cost jobs, but as Kerry said, all of those oil and natural gas workers should be glad that they’re being given better choices for employment, like building solar panels and windmills.


As Katie Pavlich said earlier in response to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s rush to have Biden declare a climate emergency, it’s about control: “Biden doing so would give the federal government control over nearly every aspect of your life under the guise of ‘climate emergency,'” she tweeted.

Schumer was on with Rachel Maddow the other night, and when asked to list his legislative priorities, he answered, “Climate.”

Oilfield Rando had a similar response to Pavlich after hearing Schumer:


It’ll add up to trillions, no doubt.

As the saying goes, we’ll start taking the “climate emergency” seriously when Kerry and Schumer do; their jobs certainly aren’t on the line, and Kerry’s not going to stop burning fossil fuels to power his private jet.


Has the phrase “nuclear power” been used once today by any of the politicians insisting we have to transition away from fossil fuels? Not that we know of.



Sadly the last election seems to have proved that.


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