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Dalton School teachers demand courses on 'Black liberation,' public 'anti-racism' statements from all employees

The Dalton School is an independent K-12 day school located in Manhattan, so it’s a relief to know this list of demands isn’t from the faculty of a public school system (although it might as well be, seeing as they’re looking in Seattle to make white teachers atone for the “spirit murder” of black children). Colin Wright relays a report by “Campusland” author Scott Johnston that teachers at the Dalton School, founded by progressive educator Helen Parkhurst in 1919, are making a lot of demands in service of “anti-racism.”


Wow: pay off the student debt of incoming black faculty; require courses on black liberation; reduce tuition for black students whose photographs appear in school promotional materials (no more exploitation of black bodies without restitution); require public anti-racism statements from all employees; and mandate diversity plot lines in school plays.

That reminds us of the professor who calculated that the University of Michigan spends $11 million on its diversity staff of around 100 employees — enough to pay the tuition of 765 students.


“In the same way that subjects such as English, art, physical education, and mathematics have been embedded within the Dalton experience, so too should coursework that is explicitly anti-racist. No Dalton student should graduate without taking classes that center race, identity, difference, and social justice.”

“The outpouring of pain from current students and alumni reflect ongoing trauma in the Dalton environment that has been underappreciated and unaddressed. Black students deserve to have a full-time advocate to support and validate them as they navigate a predominantly white institution.”


Johnston has posted the entire manifesto to his blog, so yeah, it’s real.





One of the best things President Trump did was try to root out taxpayer-funded workshops on critical race theory to at least get this sort of thing out of the government. A Biden administration will restore it all though, if not expand it.


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