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Getting there: New York Times asks if Gov. Andrew Cuomo shares some blame for those 6,200 nursing home deaths

As Twitchy reported just a few days ago, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was busy touting a 33-page report by his own administration absolving him of any responsibility for thousands of coronavirus deaths in New York nursing homes following his executive order that nursing homes admit patients with COVID-19. The report concluded the governor’s order was not “a significant” factor in the deaths.


We know the media has been treating “the Luv Guv” with kid gloves and secretly wishing he were the 2020 Democratic nominee, but the New York Times actually made some baby steps toward reality Thursday by putting its headline in the form of a question: “Does Cuomo Share Blame for 6,200 Virus Deaths in N.Y. Nursing Homes?” You mean it’s even a question?

The buck stops here, right?

Of course, the Times in a roundabout way decided also to fall back on the “Republicans pounce” angle.


So it is possible that Cuomo does share some blame. This should come with a big BREAKING NEWS header.


Sure they can; they, and he, are shameless.


Maybe the media could help disabuse the governor of his delusion that the buck stops somewhere else if outlets like ABC News didn’t treat interviews like dates and bring up how Cuomo’s single and available.


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