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'So it's a socialist Renaissance fair': Julio Rosas finds CHAZ medic dressed in Medieval armor

As Twitchy reported, an account that may or may not be a parody sent out a call for donations of clothing to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ, although contributors were asked not to donate major-label clothing if possible and remove logos. What we know is real, though, is the whiteboard listing things protesters would like, including phone cards, comforters, and clothing — the weather is wet there and people are going to need a change of clothes.


Townhall’s Julio Rosas is reporting from inside CHAZ and says he found a medic who is dressed in armor. Not body armor, but a knight’s armor.

He does have what looks like a red cross duct-taped to his armor, so we guess that’s how to tell he’s a medic without asking. A lot of people are calling the citizens of CHAZ “LARPers,” or live-action role-players, and it looks like this guy’s pulling double-duty as a knight and a healer.


The Associated Press and Snopes both said the atmosphere inside CHAZ is “festive,” despite what President Trump says.


And one of their demands is socialized health care, probably so they don’t have to rely on knights for medical attention.


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