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Whichever is worse — too masculine or not masculine enough — that's what President Trump is

As Twitchy reported earlier Monday, Area Expert™ Tom Nichols was promoting his new piece in The Atlantic entitled, “Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President” — “a vain, cowardly, lying, vulgar, jabbering blowhard” and not a “real man” your father and grandfather would have respected. What’s all this “real man” talk about anyway; we’d been assured the future is female and we’re sure the fathers of the millennials who write for and read The Atlantic voted for Hillary Clinton because she wasn’t a man.


We suppose Joe Biden is a real man, seeing how’s he’s talking about beating up President Trump behind the gym to teach him — get this — to respect women and challenging elderly former Marines to push-up contests after calling them fat for hitting him with a challenging question.

The Blaze TV’s Lauren Chen noted that back in 2016, before the election, The Atlantic was calling Trump “a climax of American masculinity” and warned of the error of “equating aggression with competence.”

So in other words, if you believe masculinity is toxic, Trump is masculine; but if you believe masculinity is the hallmark of our fathers and grandfathers — i.e., the patriarchy — then Trump isn’t masculine.


Fair enough.


So let’s get this straight: We should support Biden because he’s the right kind of masculine in that he took on CornPop but also released a video about how he was going to stop invading women’s personal space and making them uncomfortable?

As long as we stick with “all masculinity is bad,” things are a lot easier. And yet Democrats whittled the most diverse field ever down to an elderly white man. Wonder if we’d be praising masculinity if he-man Pete Buttigieg had come through with the nomination.


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