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We’ve already heard from a journalist who’s accused President Trump of selling snake oil because he passed along a possible treatment for COVID-19 that’s shown good results in France.


We’re racing against the clock here and President Trump is rightfully encouraging everyone to fast-track possible treatments for the coronavirus. But this clown thought he’d dunk on the president by … cutting and pasting the possible side-effects of hydroxychloroquine.

We’ve already been told, thanks to the media, that just 2 grams of hydroxychloroquine can cause a fatal overdose — which is probably why it’s prescribed in 200 mg tablets.

So who with COVID-19 doesn’t want to try a cure because it might cause a loss of appetite or ringing in the ears? Just because President Trump talked it up doesn’t mean you should just swallow what he says without checking the side-effects.




You know what’s really getting to them:


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