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NeverTrumper Jennifer Rubin says Democrats 'are playing high risk with horrid ramifications' by voting Bernie

It’s been amusing to watch NeverTrumpers like Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot and Bill Kristol try to get their new friends in the Democratic Party to steer the ship a little more to the center and nominate a nice “moderate” like Joe Biden. Now Rubin, who with Boot was in the “vote blue no matter who” column not so long ago, is viewing Bernie Sanders’ win in Nevada as an unmitigated disaster.

What does the Washington Post’s conservative blogger have to say?

Yes, Trump will have a field day with opposition research on Sanders.

“For those frightened of a Sanders presidency” — like Rubin — the best result is he’ll get nothing done as president. That’s not the first time we’ve heard that; remember Young Turks contributor and Bernie Bro Ryan Grim trying to mollify the Nevada Culinary Union by assuring them that Sanders’ Medicare for All policy wouldn’t make it past the Senate anyway, so don’t worry about it?

A lot of Bernie Bros are having fun with the NeverTrumpers today.



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