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Pen and phone? WaPo reporter seems to forget which president brought us executive overreach

Candidates promise a lot of things they can’t possibly deliver. Remember when Kamala Harris promised she’d repeal the GOP tax cuts on her first day in the Oval Office? On his first day as president, Tom Steyer said he’d use “the emergency powers of the presidency” to fight climate change.


Now we have Elizabeth Warren’s plan to cancel all student loan debt, and she can do it without Congress:

A lot of Democratic presidential candidates are (or were) power tripping, but the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel says that President Trump opened the door to executive overreach, and Joe Biden would be the one to shut it. Biden, who was vice president to Barack “Executive Action” Obama.

The door Trump opened?




Funny seeing people who’ve been in Congress forever run for president so they can bypass Congress to get what they want.


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