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'They've got experience': Kamala Harris wants to legalize marijuana, then put convicted drug dealers first in line for jobs

Kamala Harris is weird. She wants to legalize marijuana even though she threw more than a thousand people in jail for dealing in weed. But before becoming a prosecutor, she claims she smoked pot in college while listening to rap artists whose debut albums wouldn’t come out for several years.


She’s already said on the campaign trail that she wants to legalize marijuana because it currently “fuels America’s mass incarceration system,” and now she has an even better idea. You know how Elizabeth Warren (and Hillary Clinton) wanted to put everyone in the fossil fuels business out of work and then hire them to build windmills and solar panels? Harris wants to hire drug offenders to run legalized marijuana shops, because “they’ve got experience.”

So, theoretically, she could have put you in prison for selling weed, and then released you and given you a job because of your experience selling weed.

The Free Beacon reports:

Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) said Sunday that people convicted for marijuana charges should be first in line for jobs in the legalized cannabis industry, noting with amusement they had experience “selling weed.”

Harris said anyone convicted on marijuana charges should have their record expunged and be put “first in line” for jobs in the new industry, which she called a “cash cow.”

“There’s no difference,” she said. “The people who are making now a whole lot of money, what are they doing? Selling weed! Before this happened, what were those folks doing? Selling weed! When you’re looking for a job, experience needed, they’ve got experience.”


Here’ video:

It clears out the prisons and fills the need for legalized marijuana dealers all at once. Why haven’t the other candidates picked up on this?


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