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Joe Biden lies about President Trump calling migrants seeking refuge in America 'animals'

We shouldn’t be surprised to hear Joe Biden lying about something President Trump allegedly said. The very video he used to kick off his presidential campaign included the Charlottesville hoax, claiming that Trump had called white supremacists and neo-Nazis “very fine people” when he in fact specifically condemned them.


Now, at a town hall in South Carolina, Biden is dredging up another popular lie: that Trump called immigrants “animals.”

And liberals got so triggered about Trump using the word “animals” they went to extremes to defend it, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi reminding us of “the spark of divinity” inside MS-13 members who rape and murder. (A poll taken soon after said a majority of Americans were perfectly fine using the word “animals” to refer to MS-13 gang members.)

If liberals were so concerned with fake news on social media, they’d demand Twitter take down this video, and Biden’s campaign launch video too.





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