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HuffPost Canada honors those families who believe 'kids can handle the kink' at pride parades

Back during Pride Month in 2018, HuffPost joined in the celebration with a video featuring 10-year-old drag queen Desmond is Amazing, who served as “proof that the future is queer.” Speaking of pride, HuffPost liked the video so much it reposted it for Pride Month 2019, despite Twitter’s claim to have “zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation.” In fact, they posted it again — “WATCH: This drag kid is amazing” — in the story we’ll get to in a minute.


Sure, some pride parades are pretty tame, while others are flat-out pornographic (hello San Francisco). Is it OK to drag your kids along to the pride parade in your town? HuffPost Canada asked some parents their thoughts.

Oh well, if families say it, then OK. Kids love nakedness. Especially naked adult strangers in public.

HuffPost Canada reports:

Politics have a prominent place in Pride, [retired politics and sexual diversity professor at the University of Toronto David] Rayside said, but “it is also about outrage,” a time when some in the community express this “in ways that confront normal sensibilities.”

The freedom to do so is embedded within LGBTQ+ culture and history. These expressions are the most colourful during the parade.

Bergman defended these elements and their right to exist at a kid-friendly event.

“First of all, nobody likes nakedness more than children,” Bergman said.

“On the list of things that I don’t want my children ever to be exposed to are: Compulsory heterosexuality, demonstrations of sexism, demonstrations of racism, demonstrations of ablism, violence. These are all way higher on the list than some homosexual’s tuchus.”

Rayside added, “Pride has always had a kind of outrageous edge to it. And should we alter that? It is not the Santa Claus parade, and it never was. It shouldn’t be. It can’t be.”

Then don’t bring the kids?


And here’s semi-retired sex therapist Pega Ren:

Putting on her sex therapist hat, Ren emphasized that Pride, from kink to nakedness, is an excellent opportunity for parents to do unbiased sex education. Bergman also pointed out that many children don’t even interpret most of what they’re seeing in a Pride parade as sexual, but rather as dress-up or fun.

“Children benefit from seeing people loving one another, from seeing diversity and inclusion. Children suffer from seeing violence and fear, hatred and divisiveness,” Ren said.



No, that was the other kid drag queen, Lactacia, who was on video simulating snorting ketamine with an adult drag queen. Keep your kid drag queens straight. You know what we meant.


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