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New York Times: The path to YouTube radicalization leads through economist Milton Friedman

If you were reading Twitchy Sunday, you likely caught our piece on The New York Times’ Kevin Roose and the article he’s spent months researching, which the paper then turned into a bunch of pretty graphics showing how YouTube led to the radicalization of young Caleb Cain, who logged onto YouTube and “spent the next 4 years falling down a far-right rabbit hole.”


Roose used Cain’s entire 12,000-video YouTube history to reconstruct “his journey from the left to the far-right and back.” (It’s a happy ending then; he ends up on the left … but never the far-left, because there is no such thing, and neither is Antifa, so of course they don’t use social media to organize.)

So, yeah, it was just one guy. We hadn’t seen the piece in print, but Julie Borowski took a photo of it and we see screenshots of Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro (of course), and … Milton Friedman? We thought Alex Jones was the problem and once he was gone this would all blow over.


Wonder if YouTube will pull down all videos of radical economist Friedman now that they’ve apparently cleansed any reference to Hitler or the Nazis from the platform, destroying educational archives in the process.


The New York Times isn’t saying that Ben Shapiro is an alt-right radical (though the media claims that all the time); it’s just that if young impressionable people watch and like Shapiro, who knows? They might watch a Milton Friedman video and down the rabbit hole they go.

We’d better shut this whole YouTube thing down until we figure out what’s going on.


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