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BRUTAL: Nikki Haley lowers the boom on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her support of the Maduro regime

Rep. Ilhan Omar had only been in Congress for a couple of weeks before she weighed in on the crisis in Venezuela, opposing President Trump’s “U.S.-backed coup” and aligning herself with Russia, China, and Iran.


She’s stuck to her position, and as Twitchy reported, she appeared on “Democracy Now!” and accused the United States of “bullying” the Nicolas Maduro regime, which recently pulled CNN off the air after the network broadcast forces loyal to Maduro mowing down protesters in the street with an armored personnel vehicle. Another reporter was detained after taking video of Venezuelans eating out of a garbage truck.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley lowered the boom on Omar Wednesday evening:

“Cuba and Russia appreciate your support.” Damn.


We’re certain she’d get the red-carpet treatment from Maduro; we’re certain he appreciates a sitting U.S. member of Congress who sees his side of things.

Maduro back in April decided to “ration” electricity, as if the food shortages weren’t enough.



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