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Barbecue truck's 'controversial' LGBTQ T-shirt ignites social media backlash

Uh-oh, this could turn out to be the biggest T-shirt outrage since a reporter spotted at Bloomingdale’s a T-shirt that said, “Fake News.”

Bloomingdale’s caved just one day after the reporter posted her outrage on Twitter and said it was working to have the offensive shirt removed from all stores as quickly as possible.


But this — now this is controversial. A barbecue truck in Kentucky advertised a T-shirt, reading “I Support LGBTQ: Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, and BBQ,” on Facebook, and … ended up selling a lot of shirts.

Owner Jamie Smith says he has already sold out all of his shirts and has a back order for more, and posted the following in response to the backlash online:

Belle’s Smoking BBQ apologizes if we have offended any groups, organizations or individuals with our shirts. We respect all beliefs and lifestyles and want no ill will towards anyone. We know each person has their own thoughts and beliefs but we are hurt that the people who are saying, ‘stop the hate’ are the ones coming at us with the harassing messages and threatening phone calls. Again we apologize for any hurt feelings and thank our supporters who truly know us.

We can see where transgender atheist vegan Hillary supporters might not see the humor, but then again: where do they ever see the humor?


Heck, you can even get in trouble for not using the right letters. In Canada Justin Trudeau formally apologized for the treatment of LGBTQ2 citizens, and some American activists even wanted the acronym changed to LGBTQQICAPF2K: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, curious, asexual, agender, ally, pansexual, polysexual, friends and family, two-spirit, and kink.


By all accounts, Belle’s Smokin’ BBQ isn’t caving the Bloomingdales or the Newseum did over their “Fake News,” and it’s doing big business.


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