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Vox founder Ezra Klein can't believe Vox's — um, Fox News' — focus on AOC and not Bernie Sanders

Matt Grossman is a political scientist at Michigan State, and he made a few observations about the Democratic field that have surprised him so far:


We’ll admit No. 1 surprised up quite a bit: Kamala Harris got quite a bit of coverage at first, but her pal Cory Booker can’t seem to draw the media any more than his friend T-Bone could. What can we say? We thought Spartacus was going to leverage that shameful performance into a successful campaign.

And we’ll have to take Grossman’s word on No. 4: We know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Fox News is obsessed with her and even likes to call her just “Cortez” because it’s more stereotypically Hispanic-sounding and therefore scarier to Fox News’ xenophobic white audience.

Vox founder Ezra Klein also picked out the focus on Ocasio-Cortez and not her socialist comrade Bernie Sanders.

Um, if you’re gonna announce that the jig is up, at least explain to us what the jig is. He’s going to make us guess, isn’t he? Meanwhile, let’s see what’s going on over at Vox:


We clicked and got around 2,440 results.

Meanwhile, across town …


But back to the original tweet, which we still don’t understand …



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