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But of course: California seeking to sue Trump administration over use of force at border

It’s really no big surprise that California, which Gov. Jerry Brown officially made a sanctuary state by signing the bill into law last fall, is reportedly looking into its legal options to stop the Trump administration from using force at the border.


Attorney General Xavier Becerra certainly does seem to enjoy threatening legal action wherever illegal immigration is concerned; in February, he put President Trump on notice that the state would take legal action to keep a citizenship question off the 2020 census.

Reuters reports:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is assessing whether the state can take legal action over the Trump administration’s use of force against a caravan of migrants or a decision and future threats to shut the border with Mexico, he said in an interview with Reuters on Wednesday.

“We have been approached by folks who have expressed complaints,” Becerra, who is the son of Mexican immigrants, said. “We are monitoring what’s occurring.”

… Becerra suggested that if a state resident was being affected, including by shutting of the border, the state could have cause to intervene.

“I can’t act unless the rules are on our side,” Becerra, who is the son of Mexican immigrants, said.


Did you happen to catch that Reuters not once but twice in the same tiny article made it clear that Becerra is the son of Mexican immigrants? And that’s a doubly-important detail why?

He means, of course, the gassing of children with “chemical weapons,” according to Hawaiian Sen. Brian Schatz. Sorry, make that the “unprecedented” use of tear gas, if you ignore the years when the Obama administration used tear gas monthly at the exact same border crossing.

Nope. That would have been when Kamala Harris was attorney general, and we didn’t hear anything about suing the Obama administration during her tenure.


Hey, did you know that Becerra is the son of Mexican immigrants?


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