The effort to get California to secede from the United States burned out a while back, but the state still seems determined to separate itself from the rest of the country any way it can.

The bill, SB54, bill passed the Assembly last month by a vote of 49-25 and the Senate 27-11. Thomas Homan, acting director of ICE, called it “a dangerous policy” that “deliberately obstructs our country’s immigration laws and shelters serious criminal alien offenders.”

The Hill reports:

The measure, passed last month by the overwhelmingly Democratic California legislature, will bar California police and sheriffs from asking about a detainee’s immigration status. It will also block those agencies from complying with detainer requests from federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

An estimated 65 percent of all deportations result from cooperation between state and local law enforcement and federal ICE and Customs and Border Protection officers. The new law, dubbed the California Values Act, requires schools, health facilities and court houses to establish policies limiting immigration enforcement that may be executed on their premises.

The “California Values Act.” See, we told you California is doing whatever it can to break away from the rest of America.

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