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Voter fraud? Georgia secretary of state completes review of 'pending' voter registrations, finds this

Twitchy just posted a piece on CNN’s Jim Acosta insisting that voter fraud in this country is very rare (Russian meddling is the real threat), and if you check the responses from people who actually follow the guy on Twitter for information and not laughs, they’re all convinced that the real problem is voter suppression by the GOP, with suppression ranging all the way from requiring voter ID to not giving all Americans Election Day off from work.


Speaking of voter fraud, the Resurgent’s Erick Erickson recalled a piece in the Associated Press from earlier this month about 53,000 voters in Georgia who were put on a “pending” list, which caused an outrage among the Resistance.

The AP’s piece started out, as they all do, with a human interest story:

Marsha Appling-Nunez was showing the college students she teaches how to check online if they’re registered to vote when she made a troubling discovery. Despite being an active Georgia voter who had cast ballots in recent elections, she was no longer registered.

“I was kind of shocked,” said Appling-Nunez, who moved from one Atlanta suburb to another in May and believed she had successfully changed her address on the voter rolls.

“I’ve always voted. I try to not miss any elections, including local ones,” Appling-Nunez said.

Appling-Nunez found herself on that “pending” list, which the AP notes “is predominantly black.”

But now the Georgia secretary of state, who’s a candidate for governor, has completed his review of that list, and here’s what he told Erickson Monday afternoon on Erickson’s radio program:


Former state Rep. Stacey Abrams is challenging Kemp in the state’s governor’s race.

Here’s video from the radio show:

We’re looking for more on the story, but most major outlets are still going with think pieces, like, “Black Voters in Georgia Fear Brian Kemp Is Rigging the Election” (The Daily Beast) and “Georgia’s voter suppression problem goes much deeper than Brian Kemp” (The Washington Post).


Let’s see if any of this pops up on the major cable news channels tonight.



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