Our apologies for already covering CNN’s Jim Acosta once today, as he and other journalists had a “cry-in” at the Citizen conference, where Acosta revealed that the most depressing thing about his job is covering President Trump’s rallies — the ones at which a “CNN sucks!” chant usually breaks out.

There’s no doubt in our mind he, like everyone else, was prepping to cover President Clinton’s rallies, or even better, find work in her White House. But no.

Acosta’s been letting the mask slip more and more, and in this tweet from Saturday, he gives the president some advice about keeping his eye on the ball: Russia.

What we need to be on the lookout for is White House correspondents suggesting there’s a “continued demonization of immigrants” coming from this White House. Remember all the reporting CNN did on kids in cages during the scandal-free Obama administration? We don’t either.

Anyway, don’t be fooled by reporters who use the word “immigrants” in place of “illegal immigrants.”

After the Brett Kavanaugh debacle, it’s actually refreshing to see Russia back on the radar of U.S. journalists.

Because voter ID is racist, obviously. More important to look out for Russian meddling that require voters to have a photo ID.