We don’t know how journalists do it, day in and day out, rushing into all those burning buildings and being all stunning and brave. But nevertheless, they persist:

We’ll get back to Jim Acosta in a minute. First, this:

Which is basically the same thing as being put into prison.

How about the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman? How has she been wronged in the Age of Trump?


Now there’s a thought! While you mull that over, Maggie, let’s hear from Jim Acosta again:

This is a pot-and-kettle situation if ever there were one.

When Jim Acosta signed up to be a journalist, he never thought he’d be forced to cover rallies.

We haven’t discovered one yet.

Don’t worry: You’re definitely not the only one.

If Jimbo’s trying to get us to feel sorry for him, it’s not really working.

We know Acosta et al. are already pretty full of crap, but here’s one more wafer-thin piece of food for thought for them to chew on: