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Donald Trump Jr. goes to bat for Kanye West, unleashes some dragon energy on CNN for mocking him

We haven’t checked any hipster music sites to see if the webmasters have gone back and rewritten all their glowing reviews of Kanye West’s albums, but you know they’ll trash whatever he releases next. Whatever — we’re pretty sure his net worth is pretty healthy.


As Twitchy reported, Don Lemon’s CNN panel went to town on West Tuesday night, laughing at the notion that “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.

West likely will be reading a menu this week as he sits down for lunch with President Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. was among those who went to bat for West after CNN savaged him for being the Trump administration’s “token negro.”

Good question.



Like his wife, West is expected to discuss prison reform — something you’d think liberals would applaud, but no.


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