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Al Gore has officially endorsed Earth for Congress, but dumb conservatives don't 'get it'

We’re not gonna lie — former vice president and current carbon footprint hypocrite Al Gore has actually gotten worse at setting up a joke, or at least what comes across as a joke.


His new video lasts just 47 seconds but it seems like hours for him to get to the point; and when he finally does, there is no point. Unless endorsing Earth for Congress is a serious idea from the self-styled expert on climatology.

On the one hand, you have Eric Holthaus declaring that the only way to maintain a habitable planet is to “systematically dismantle capitalism” within the next 10 years, and on the other, you have Al Gore, who seems to have done very well for himself selling climate change books and DVDs and speeches.

It’s true.


So people are actually defending this video by suggesting conservatives are taking it literally when actually we’re just pointing out what an incredibly pathetic effort it is. It’s a dumb idea that falls flat by having the most boring man alive deliver it. See:



No, we get it — but some honest advice: maybe come up with something halfway between this and Holthaus calling for the dismantling of capitalism — something between banning plastic straws and embracing socialism — and we’ll talk. And for goodness sake, find someone to take Al Gore’s place as climate change spokesman if you’ve decided you need someone to tell jokes.


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