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Unhinged: Emily Zanotti shames America's feminists, is accused of supporting female genital mutilation

This tweet comes from some Twitter rando, but it’s in response to the Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti posting that American feminists have set the women’s lib movement back 40 years with their hysterical tantrums while Brett Kavanaugh was being confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.


The picture that comes to mind for us is the screaming woman being dragged out of the Senate gallery with her shorts soaked in either real or fake menstrual blood. But this guy had another picture in mind:

Yes, because that’s what a vote in favor of confirming Kavanaugh was all about: forget Roe v Wade; foot binding and female genital mutilation is going mainstream in the United States.

Yeah, yeah, we know: the New York Times has already published its piece on complicit white women protecting the patriarchy at all costs. Yawn.


Proving her right about them being incapable of acting like sane, rational, human beings? Yep.


Dressing up in a “Handmaid’s Tale” costume and silently following Vice President Mike Pence around isn’t “hard work.”


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