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Slate, CNN still not quite done with that ice-throwing incident involving Brett Kavanaugh

As Twitchy reported Monday night, the New York Times dropped a bombshell: back while he was a Yale undergraduate, Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by New Haven Police about having thrown ice at another bar patron. And as many noted, the woman whose name was on the byline had tweeted her opposition to Kavanaugh’s nomination the night before it was announced, so she wasn’t the most unbiased reporter for the gig.


Slate already picked up on the Times piece, publishing their own take Tuesday and punching up the headline a bit. Now it’s Wednesday, and Slate’s taking another trip to the well after CNN’s Jim Sciutto posted an update:

OK, so Chris Dudley was arrested after the incident. And that’s important why? Let Slate tell you: “One of the individuals who has been recently vouching for Brett Kavanaugh’s character in the press is Chris Dudley, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh’s who went on to play in the NBA.” Dudley has talked to the Washington Post about Kavanaugh’s drinking, insisting he never blacked out.

So … Kavanaugh’s friend was arrested in a bar fight in college. And now that friend is acting as a character witness. Just asking: how is that relevant, compared to, say, the people Ford named as being present at the gathering where she alleges she was assaulted all denying knowledge of any such party?


Right? No way does Dudley have the temperament to serve on the Supreme Court.




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