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Sen. Jeanne Shaheen calls for a hearing with the interpreter at the Trump-Putin summit — if she's alive

As if temperatures weren’t already running hot over President Trump’s public press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen on Tuesday demanded that the U.S. interpreter present at the private meeting between the two be brought before Congress for a hearing.


Hey, you, we’re talking about Trump here. And since Congress doesn’t seem to have any idea what they’re doing recently, the point is moot.

Ignore that guy. Like we said, this is Trump we’re talking about. You just know something treasonous was going on in there.


First, though, we have to determine if that interpreter is even still alive. The only debate seems to be over which president had the interpreter killed.

No, this was the U.S. interpreter.



For what it’s worth, droolin’ Joe Kennedy is on board as well:

It may be too late.


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