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Let's go to the video: John Harwood finds it 'disgraceful' to suggest Nancy Pelosi defended MS-13

Our post begins with a tweet Friday from Katie Pavlich of Twitchy sister site Townhall:


That tweet inspired GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to tweet a reminder that Rep. Nancy Pelosi had defended MS-13 after President Trump had referred to the violent gang members as animals.

That, in turn, compelled CNBC’s John Harwood to come to Pelosi’s defense, and to get a little huffy about it, too.

If memory serves, Pelosi did come to the defense of MS-13 after Trump had referred to them as animals, citing the “spark of divinity” in every MS-13 gang-banger. Here’s video:

From the video, it sure looks like she defended MS-13 against Trump’s “animals” claim, and the “spark of divinity” line was a nice touch, too … something she’d never acknowledge exists within an “unwanted” fetus.


Maybe both Harwood and Pelosi should take a moment to read and react to Pavlich’s post:

According to allegations in the indictment, in August 2016, Elmer Zelaya Martinez, Erick Palacios Ruiz, Ronald Herrera Contreras, and Josue Vigil Mejia conspired together and with others to lure a 17 year-old male [Mendez], who they suspected was a member of a rival gang, to a park in Fairfax County, Virginia, in order to attack and kill him. After killing him and to conceal evidence linking them to the juvenile’s disappearance and murder, these four defendants and their co-conspirators buried the juvenile’s remains.

The indictment further alleges that in September 2016, Elmer Zelaya Martinez, Erick Palacios Ruiz, Ronald Herrera Contreras, Henry Zelaya Martinez, Oscar Contreras Aguilar, Yonathan Melgar Martinez, Pablo Miguel Barrera Velasco, Anderson Villatoro, Francisco Avila Avalos, and Fredys Baires Abarca conspired together and with others to lure a 14 year-old male [Triminio] to the same park in Fairfax County where he was attacked and killed because he was thought to be cooperating with law enforcement. This juvenile’s remains were also buried.


But don’t forget that spark of divinity in each and every one of them. That is, if they actually exist. Don’t forget: Joy Reid called MS-13 a “phantom bogeyman.” Or does Harwood want to dispute that too?


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