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WATCH: Did congressional candidate 'destroy' her AR-15 on video or commit a felony?

Karen Mallard, who’s running for Congress in Virginia, certainly isn’t the first to take a saw to an AR-15 on YouTube, though her act certainly had some political motivation behind it.


We’d post her video of her sawing off the barrel with a grinder, but the video has since been taken down from YouTube — funny she’d do that. Fortunately, someone else snagged the video and re-uploaded it:

Here’s part of her blog post on her motivation:

You may have seen Emma Gonzalez’s amazing speech where she called out Trump and other politicians for taking NRA money and refusing to take any action on reforming America’s lax gun laws. The speech was amazing, and the fact that our young people are refusing to be silent victims and are demanding change gives me great hope. I believe gun reform can happen, and I stand with these students as they speak truth to power and march for their lives.

It’s also why my husband and I decided to destroy his AR-15.

Unfortunately, there are always those “right-wing trolls” to deal with, and they posted “mean-spirited talking points about the video.” Mainly, they pointed out that she’d illegally manufactured a short-barreled rifle.


They didn’t “want to claim” that she broke the law — they came right out and said it. But it’s all good now — she claims she turned in the inoperable components to law enforcement for disposal.

Mallard also appended a clarification to her blog post:

Update: a few people raised concerns that the AR-15 wasn’t rendered operational and that Karen had merely made it a short-barrel rifle. David later took the disassembled weapon to the local police station to have it properly disposed of.

Pardon us for saying so, but that’s why it’s so important to gun rights advocates that gun grabbers actually have some idea of the existing gun control laws in place before pushing through new ones.



Let’s see the receipt of property from the police department.

* * *


WVEC reports that the right-wing trolls at the ATF have taken an interest in Mallard’s video:



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