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Liberal writer 'absolutely wants revenge' on white male suburban red staters stealing California's money

Count David Atkins, a regular contributor to Washington Monthly, among those not happy about the Senate’s passage of the GOP tax reform bill, which would effectively kill the state and local income tax deduction — a move that would be felt most strongly in the pocketbooks of those living in high-tax (i.e., blue) states.


That led to a liberal back-and-forth with Zack Kopplin, an investigator with the Government Accountability Project.

“Make blue states scream in pain.” Amazingly, even with that remark, Atkins doesn’t even rank among the most apocalyptic tweeters who declared that America is dead following the bill’s passage.

He “absolutely” wants revenge on white male middle-upper class suburban Trump voters. There must not have been enough characters left to include “cisgender.”



Just some advice: no one head out to California looking for Atkins; you’d never survive.

* * *


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