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Book critic Nate Silver's already written off the rest of Donna Brazile's self-serving BS

We’d certainly call the revelations in that book excerpt from Donna Brazile a bombshell. Sure, everyone knew the Democratic primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders, and that’s why Brazile was named the interim director of the DNC, putting her in a position to find out exactly what had been going on.


Funny, though, how Democrats like Rep. Nancy Pelosi now don’t have “a spare second” to look back at the 2016 election, when it’s all they’ve been able to talk about for a year.

Nate Silver, one of many pollsters to have gotten 2016 completely wrong, is warning people to ignore Brazile’s book, seeing as the big bombshell of a rigged primary is just self-serving spin.

As Twitchy reported earlier, a lot of people aren’t happy with Brazile right now.


So, Silver’s remedy is to not take Brazile’s book seriously?

(That’s the Hillary for America Joint Fundraising Agreement … the one that specified that “in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.)


* * *


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