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Who took his phone? After fixing some misspellings, president applauds Boston protesters (and police)

We’ll admit we’ve been hard on the president over his multiple statements in response to the protests in Charlottesville, Va., that left one person dead after a man rammed his car into a crowd of marchers.


Has there been bigotry and violence from “many sides,” as Trump claimed? Of course … but someone near him had to have known how that remark would be twisted into evidence that he supported neo-Nazis as “fine people.” Just take a look at the covers of some magazines this week for proof.

And here we are, a full week later, and that’s still the prevailing opinion on the left. It seems, though, that someone has gotten hold of the iPhone Trump uses to tweet and backed off of the “both sides” angle … at least a little bit.

First, though, there was a bit of spelling to clean up.

And at last …


That doesn’t sound anything like the president’s previous statements on Charlottesville and the aftermath, and that’s a good thing. As Twitchy reported earlier, though, not all of the protesters in Boston have been peaceful, and yes, there were clashes with police leading to familiar chants like, “Who do you protect, who do you serve?”

Before issuing those tweets applauding the protesters, Trump praised Boston’s mayor and police force.

Black Lives Matter and anarchists aren’t going to find a lot to like in that tweet.

Check out, for example, this interpretation of Trump’s pro-police tweet from an NBC News reporter:


“Brands all counter-protesters by most extreme elements”? Because he observed there were “many anti-police agitators” in a crowd of thousands? Come on.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from the director of the “all-female” Ghostbusters remake.

“Many” of them, yes. They’re shown in the photo above, agitating police. Like they’ve been doing for years and years … more on that in another post.

A nation that will soon come together as one after being divided for decades sounds too good to be true, and it is … there are a lot of people with a lot to lose should that happen, and they’ll work harder than ever to keep those divisions open.


Hey, it’s Jesse Berney, the guy who said the GOP’s health care bill would kill more people than ISIS and al Qaeda combined. Let’s listen to him.








What’s kind of funny is a very sad way is that 1) President Trump’s tweet applauding the protesters would have been praised had it come from Barack Obama’s account, and 2) everything that came from Barack Obama’s account was praised, even though @BarackObama never was and still isn’t Barack Obama — that was his former campaign organization tweeting. So if a group of speechwriters takes over @realDonaldTrump and starts issuing tweets by committee, that’ll be presidential?

When people are rioting in the streets the night after your election and celebrities are lobbying electors to get them to flip their votes, it’s pretty clear you’re in a “can’t win” situation before you even get to Day 1.

Besides his resignation, is there anything Trump could tweet that wouldn’t be slammed?



Remember when Merriam-Webster used to send these out all the time during the previous administration? Like the time they corrected corpse-man to corpsman?

* * *


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