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After Jim Acosta whines about Trump's 'agitators' tweet, Chet Cannon's GIF takedown is mostly peaceful

Twitchy readers on Saturday might already have heard about the police asking protesters in Boston not to throw urine, or bottles, or rocks at police officers. That wasn’t even the first report of agitators clashing with police in the streets of Boston: a video capture from MSNBC at 1:37 p.m. Eastern shows an aerial view of some of the mayhem.


Unfortunately, violence against police at a “far-right” rally that drew about 10 people and tens of thousands of counter-protesters doesn’t really fit the narrative. Reporters on the ground were having a pretty nice day, but after police started tweeting about being the target of urine bombs, the hard work of restoring the narrative kicked in.

The police did ask nicely.

Yes, but that was only a small, practically infinitesimal number of protesters … almost as small a percentage as that occupied by white supremacists among the American population at large. Best to fall back on the “mostly peaceful” angle.


Of course, the fact that President Trump tweeted about “anti-police agitators” during Boston’s own Summer of Love could not be excused. CNN’s Jim Acosta, of course, had something to say about it.

Note that Acosta tweeted that at 6:10 p.m. — more than four hours after MSNBC’s cameras showed an aerial view of protesters mixing it up with police, and more than two hours after police themselves tweeted reports of protesters throwing rocks and bottles of urine … like lefty protesters have done before, again and again. This isn’t new, guys.

Special credit goes to Chet Cannon for creating a mostly peaceful GIF that still puts Acosta to shame.


CNN’s top man had a full two hours to sit on those facts and then choose to ignore them. Yes, the day was “mostly” peaceful … so now he knows what a shame it is when a handful of agitators ruin it for everyone. Here are some tweets for the scrapbookers out there who want to remember the day forever as mostly peaceful.


Wait, what? At least 33 arrested? CNN said 8 earlier. Those cops are out of control.

* * *

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