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The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald not taking the blame for alleged NSA leaker Reality Winner's predicament

Apparently a lot of people missed the initial ABC News report on Reality Winner, the government contractor who is alleged to have passed a classified NSA report to The Intercept, but as Twitchy reported, the narrative — that, or the pubic comments beneath it — was “heartbreaking” to David Frum.


As ABC News tells it, young Edward Snowden superfan Winner was listening to an Intercept-hosted podcast featuring fellow Snowden superfan Glenn Greenwald, who told host Jeremy Scahill there was not a lot of hard evidence to back up all the hysterics surrounding allegations of Russia hacking the 2016 election. Winner realized she could get her hands on hard proof of Russian tampering, got in touch with The Intercept, and is now in jail.

Greenwald, citing that tweet by Jonathan Chait and apparently tired of being beaten up online for essentially giving up Winner to the government, decided it was time to release a statement.

That’s going to be near impossible to read, but in essence, Greenwald asserts that ABC News’ account is based on allegations by Trump’s Justice Department, and further, neither he nor Scahill worked on the NSA story, nor does either edit the Intercept. In short, stop blaming us that Winner got caught.



(He didn’t dismiss Russia’s role; he just said there’s no evidence … but that’s beside the point right now.)



Despite the lengthy statement, a lot of people insist Greenwald’s the villain here, making poor Reality Winner copy that classified report and mail it to The Intercept.



It’s obvious Greenwald employed hypnosis techniques in his podcast and forced Winner to copy and mail the documents against her will. That, or — here’s a crazy theory — she’s an adult who’s responsible for her own actions. Heck, we won’t even blame “the resistance” for hyping the ever-shifting Russian hacking story for months and months and months.

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