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State Department says to expect Hillary Clinton's TPP emails on a day that doesn't exist

As Twitchy reported Monday, the State Department responded to a Freedom of Information Act request for Hillary Clinton’s emails on the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal by saying it would produce the records by the end of November — well after the 2016 general election.


Now that David Sirota, who filed the FOIA request as a reporter for the International Business Times, has made his letter from the State Department public, some keen eyes have found that the date by which the State Department expects to comply — Nov. 31 — will be impossible to meet.

Don’t wait up for the rest of those emails either.


Well, according to the president himself, “there’s classified, and then there’s classified,” and it takes a while to tell which is which.

The press was happy to crowdsource the job of combing through Sarah Palin’s official email for juicy bits. Why not do it again?

That is, if it’s not already there.




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