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Twitter's quality filter still protects verified users only from 'ungood thoughtcrimes of the plebes?'


Earlier this week, comedian Louis C.K. announced that he was quitting Twitter. Why? First, “It didn’t make me feel good. I felt bad instead,” he explained. Second, he alleged that “it brings out everybody’s worst side.”

The comedian might have quit Twitter just a bit too early. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Twitter has already begun to roll out its new “quality filter,” which aims to shelter sensitive users automatically from offensive posts before they’re even seen.

Many outspoken conservatives are already starting to fear the policing of political speech and the return of the dreaded “Twitter Gulag.”



Meanwhile, others question the fairness of Twitter rolling out the service to high profile, verified accounts only.





Return of the Twitter Gulag? Some conservatives suspect themselves booted by new ‘quality filter’; Updated

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