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We’ve been told that Congress has to pass legislation for us to find out what’s in it, but seeing as the Manchin-Toomey amendment and other gun control measures failed in the Senate today, how will we know what might have become law? Sure, plenty of gun control advocates are claiming that anywhere between 90 and 200 percent of Americans favored universal background checks, but how many polled understood just what that meant?


Actor Nathan Kress, best known as “Freddie” from Nickelodeon hit “iCarly,” went beyond the standard parroting of bogus statistics and tweeted his relief that today’s legislation didn’t pass. Pro journalists like Joe Scarborough might live in a world where firearms dealers routinely hand out assault rifles to rapists and terrorists, but Kress seems to live in our world, where criminals don’t concern themselves with laws.


We disagree; Twitter’s working just fine here. Plenty of logical arguments fit handily into 140 characters.


Yeah, man, take Vice President Biden’s advice and buy a shotgun. Two shells fired into the air will handle any threat, guaranteed.

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