As Twitchy reported, former MSNBC host Touré recently tweeted that the black teens shown in that viral video behaved admirably and remained calm and polite as a white woman tried to steal their Citi Bike. Touré’s tweet notably came four days after attorney Benjamin Crump deleted his tweet accusing the woman of stealing the bike from them and weaponizing her tears.

The woman has said she’s looking into defamation lawsuits, and we’d hope she includes “storyteller” @TheJournalista, whose tweet was as incendiary as Crump’s and went viral.

The Journalista is back to defend those young black men from the racist bike thief. Nobody got their side of the story, until now, as one of their mothers has spoken out.

Warning: This is a very long thread, but stick with it to the end for the really hot takes.

“Citi Bike Angels.”

Yeah, we won’t be sharing it. But we will tell you it currently stands at $5,005, with a goal of … $120,000.

Are these the same calm and polite teens who said her baby was going to come out retarded?