OK, we lied when we said we were done with posts about Thursday’s House debate over the proposed Parental Bill of Rights, which would give parents transparency into their children’s school curricula and keep them informed of violent events that take place on campus. As we reported, Democrats argued that the teachers were the sacrificial lambs, the law would “terrorize” them, and that it would lead to the death of students.

A lot of Democratic members of Congress were vying for the dumbest take of all. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries had the most blatantly untrue ones when he said extreme MAGA Republicans didn’t want the Holocaust taught in schools. Rep. Hank Johnson said the notion that there was some chilling of parent’s rights was about as true as there being incriminating material on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

We’ll do one more post to highlight Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who apparently is going with the myth that if the Parental Bill of Rights were passed, schools would stop teaching slavery, or that slavery was bad. She’s still fighting it today — in which country she didn’t say.

Again, if the Democrats had any valid arguments against the Parental Rights Bill they wouldn’t have to make up a bunch of lies. It says a lot about what they think of you that they think parents getting more involved in their kids’ education is a bad thing and they should butt out.

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