We recently did a post on some of the more outrageous things House Democrats said about the proposed Parental Bill of Rights, such as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ astonishing lie that “extreme MAGA” Republicans don’t want students to learn about the Holocaust. We have no idea what he’s talking about there or how the idea got into his head, but it’s clear that Democrats fear parents having more transparency in public school curricula.

Rep. Hank Johnson gets his own post, though, for another stunning argument against parental rights. Republicans, you see, want you to believe that the tooth fairy is woke and anti-Christian. It’s a fundamental piece of the GOP’s platform going into 2024.

Speaking of fairies and Hunter Biden’s laptop, remember when our short-lived chair of the Disinformation Governance Board called it a “fairy tale”?

We guess videos of Biden smoking crack with hookers aren’t incriminating.

No question … our top ten list is about finalized.

No, there’s no chilling of parents’ rights to express their disgust at a school board meeting or to know if the school is secretly transitioning their child.


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