Former NBC senior executive Mike Sington keeps pumping out the hot takes. As Twitchy reported, he recently compared Lara Trump modeling a dress at Mar-a-Lago to an all-ages drag show. Now he’s assuring us all that if Donald Trump is arrested next week and people take up his call to protest, law enforcement and the National Guard will keep them in check. To prove his point, he then posted a bunch of photos of cops holding riot gear.

There sure are a lot of scary assault weapons in those photos.

Hesitate to do what, exactly?


We’re old enough to remember when Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen went on CNN and suggested that at least 75 percent of the National Guard tasked with safeguarding Joe Biden’s inauguration might be compromised because they voted for Donald Trump.

Agreed. Remember when Vice President Kamala Harris said Black Lives Matter protesters “should not let up”? We thought protests were a good thing. They’re still protesting in front of the Supreme Court justices’ homes and law enforcement didn’t do squat.

We’ve come a long way from when progressives like Nancy Pelosi called the National Guard “Trump’s stormtroopers” and cheered on the Black Lives Matter protesters throwing rocks at police.


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